Rose of Driftwood

     Welcome to my web page! I live in the heart of Texas in a little community called Driftwood, right next to Dripping Springs, and southwest of Austin. I started this webpage as an effort to share my enthusiam for old garden roses. However, as my interests have expanded, so has my web page. It now includes sections on old roses, tropicals, orchids, and politics.
    Please feel free to take a look around, hopefully you'll find something you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by!



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Torch of Freedom Foundation is dedicated to educating and inspiring our future leaders. There is more information about the Foundation on my 'Politics' page - take a look at what we're working to accomplish.

Primary Source Documents - This has got to be one of the most comprehensive collections of old documents online. It has documents from the 1400's on. A lot of them are political, some are historical, some are religious - in other words, they have a little bit of everything!!!

The Declaration Foundation is committed to teaching people about the values found in the Declaration of Independence. Ambassador Alan Keyes is the chairman of this organization.

Texas House of Representatives - a great way to track legislation, watch committee proceedings and learn about our legislators.


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