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Bible Database -- This site has free Bibles for your computer in many languages and in many formats.It also has web hosting and many perl scripts for you to use on your own web pages. Including the rotating verse like we have on our home page.

Bible Word -- is a small program that you can set up to run every time you start your computer." It will rotate Bible Verses, and you can change the background to suit your personality. It even has a reminder for birthdays and special events.

Foreign Language Dictionaries -- These are nice tools for learning a new language (or an old one). The even have dictionaries for American or British English, as well as many regular ones.

Blender 3D -- A free but very powerful 3D graphics program.

Owl & Mouse Software -- This site has free map learning tools and several programs for preschoolers to help them learn basic phonics.

Irfan View -- A free image viewer that will let you adjust your pictures and even has batch rename and move capabilities. One of my most used programs

Notepad++ -- A free text editor. A bit more advanced than note pad, but doesn't throw in a lot of coding when your are trying to write scripts.