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Our Heritage

We are privileged to live in one of the greatest nations on the earth today. Unfortunately, many of the reasons that we have become great are being undermined or ignored in the education process of our nation. It is amazing how many people in America today think that we live in a democracy. This is not true. The founding fathers were scared to death of allowing the nation to totally rule our country. That is why they set up a democratic republic.

Different terms apply to different aspects of our country and its government and these different aspects can be basically broken into three categories:

So in summary, we live in a Republic that is a Representative Democracy for our republic.

They also realized that if a people were to rule itself, they must have a high moral standard. This could only be had if they acknowledged the existence of a Supreme Being and followed the precepts He had set up in his communication with us. As we turn God out of our schools, courts, and lifestyles, we leave the only firm foundation for a moral society behind us.

We need to return not only to the study of God's Word, but also to the study of the writings of our Founding Fathers and the actual documents which were a part of the beginning of this great land. There are several links to the right which have reproduced these documents. Because of our ignorance of the intent of our original government, our current government has skewed much of what is in the constitution. One example is the twisted use of the Separation of Church and State. (Click here to see an essay on this issue.) A separation was indeed intended by our forefathers. But one to deny a state religion, not to deny religion in the state.

I would urge any who read this to spend a bit of time learning about our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Learn who your state and federal congressmen are. Talk to them, e-mail them, let them know your values and let them know that you will hold them accountable for their representation of them.

If our country deteriorates, the cause rests with each and every one of us. Not on someone else. Inform yourself and get involved. Help return the United States to the vision our forefathers had for us.