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Websites of Family and Friends

The Jones' Clan Journal -- Our family blog. Come read what we're up to and feel free to leave comments

Simon & Lindsey -- Simon and Lindsey's Blog

Quantum Electronics -- Stan's Keyboard Repair Company

Hearthstone Weaver -- Madalyn's Weaving Pages

Rose of Driftwood -- Laurel's Web Site with information about Antique Roses and our Government

Education / Government Links

Foreign Language Dictionaries -- These are nice tools for learning a new language (or an old one). The even have dictionaries for American or British English, as well as many regular ones.

Owl & Mouse Software -- This site has free map learning tools and several programs for preschoolers to help them learn basic phonics.

The Gutenberg Project -- Free texts of Lots of Books that are no longer copyrighted.

Primary Source Documents -- This has got to be one of the most comprehensive collections of old documents online. It has documents from the 1400's on. A lot of them are political, some are historical, some are religious - in other words, they have a little bit of everything!!!

Texas Legislature Online

Thomas Register -- Federal Legislative Information on the Internet In the Spirit of Thomas Jefferson, a service of the Library of Congress

Torch of Freedom Foundation -- Dedicated to educating and inspiring our future leaders.


Phil Keaggy


Rich Mullins

Web Creation

Java Script Kit --
Dynamic Drive -- I usually start here when looking for a script for my pages. They have lots of them with great instructions for using them.

Irfan View -- A free image viewer that will let you adjust your pictures and even has batch rename and move capabilities. One of my most used programs