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Welcome to the Jones' Clan

We hope that as you read you'll come to see how important some things are in our family. First and foremost, we give Jesus Christ acknowledgment as our central purpose in all we endeavor to do. We also want to help people realize how specially blessed our country has been.

We are a family of 11. Four of them are still home with us -- 2 boys (ages 12, and 14) and 2 girls (ages 19, and 17). One son, Ernest, died when he was 2 years old and is with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ernest has his own page for anyone interested in hearing about how our two year old influenced many people. His early death helped us in many ways in our understanding of our relationships with each other and God.

We live outside of a large city in Texas on five acres. When we moved here, we considered it country still, but that is rapidly disappearing as the city grows out to meet us.

We have one dog, and 1 cat. We have had chickens for eggs, but the local hawks disapproved. We're hoping to get some more hens next spring. We have had a milk cow in the past, but are currently without one. We really miss the abundance of milk, butter, cream we had access to when we had her. We tried to have some pet rabbits, but we soon discovered they were related to Houdini, and disappeared and were captured many times before they disappeared for good.

We homeschool our children. The three youngest are currently in school. Five have graduated and gone on to their own pursuits.

We have a blog now at
the Jones' Clan Journal that I try to update with news of local happenings and pictures from time to time.

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